Accelerating Church Planting - 2016 Launch

Celebrating The Launch of 12 Translations

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Our goal is to not only translate the Bible in all of the Mother Tongue Language Group, but also to focus on discipling all language groups. This involves three phases – Scripture Translation, Scripture Distribution, and Scripture Engagement. We had a memorable dedication service for New Testament in 12 unreached languages in North West India on 23rd March, 2016. This is the …

“Thank You For Your Prayers!” – Mandeali Community

Pamela Rath 2016, Bible Translation, Stories

Pastor Ron* reports from the Mandeali Language Group : “I am from the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. After my theological studies, I have been working as a Pastor among the Mandeali speaking community which has about 900,000 speakers. Even though there are many churches and pastors working in the area, we did not have any scriptures available in our heart …

The Pahari Mahasui Community Takes Action

Pamela Rath 2016, Bible Translation, Stories

Ravi* is a mother tongue translator for Pahari Mahasui, a language spoken by over 1 million people in Himachal Pradesh. There are now hundreds of believers in this language group. In 2007 the Gospel of Mark was published after nearly five years of work by a small translation team. The people rejoiced to finally have a Gospel in “their” language, but …